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Update on bump

My Anoscope was good! No Mass! Skin tag and hemorrhoid. Narrowing from radiation and ? Small fissure . Praise God no mass! Thank you all for checking on me! Hugs!

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That is wonderful news!
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Excellent news - thank you for sharing!❤️
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Good news!!!
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Wonderful news!!!
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That's so relieving! Worth a celebration!
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That is great news!!!! Deep breath! Hugs!
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Yay!!! So happy!
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So happy for you!
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That's great news!!!
Wonderful news! 🎉 My brother was treated for anal cancer at Siteman, too, so I have lots of confidence you are in great hands. (It’s statistically anomalous that both my brother and I got AC. This “coincidence” makes me think that for some of us acquiring cancer can be out of our control and a function of genetics and immune responses.) So, NED you are! This is fantastic!
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That’s crazy you and your brother both had it. I feel good about Siteman!! I have a wonderful team!
Oh Happy Day!!!
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Raised area/bump, irritation, discomfort

Last night while applying aquaphor I felt a small raised area in anal canal area.  This also where the itching and irritation seems to be coming from.  I of course broke into tears and told my husband.  I scheduled an anoscope for Monday.  I have also been having occ blood with BM's, mostly not a real bright blood.  All of this takes me back to before when I was diagnosed.  My day has been kinda crazy.  God keeping my mind on other things I beleive. 

Carol threw a punch at your cancer.
Carol, Jeanie sent you a prayer.
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Shannon, I hope your anoscopy will be negative on Monday. It might be just hemorrhoids vs. fissures vs. post radiation irritation. I hope for the best. Big hugs!
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Thank you Olga! My nerves are awful!
Perhaps it could be scar tissue. I have some thickened scar tissue in that area. I will be hoping for good news.
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Thank you Genie! Me too!
I also have scar tissue and occasional bleeding...over 11 years out! Fingers crossed for you! (and toes...but not eyes!)
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I will cross my eyes if it helps:) The itching freaks me out. I know we all go through these scares and I just thank all of you for holding my hand when I am worried. I cannot tell you how much you all mean to me.
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ITching can be lots of might ask your dermatologist (or oncologist) for some ointment to work on that. And HAng in there!
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It could be all the things other said! I will be 13 years out in June and still have bleeding sometimes. I also know I have hemorrhoids but I still get freaked out! Hoping and praying everything is good with you!
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Thank you Nancy! Congrats on your 13 years! Love that shout out!!
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Hoping for a positive outcome. The fear with this just never goes away. 🙏🏼
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Thank you Susan! So true!
Shannon, I'm so glad you scheduled a visit.
This could be an ingrown hair or just a sore. I have had problems with ingrown hairs, especially in lady parts, since treatment.
I hope everything is ok.
Big hugs!!
We are here for you!
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Thank you Easterly! I knew I was going to have to just make an appointment or I would worry my self sick. Even though the unknown freaks us out!
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Hoping you get the all clear!
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Me and you both!! Thank you!
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Could be a scarred over lubricating gland, that would produce irritation and itching.I recommend taking a long bath every day, see if that helps. Glad you are getting it checked to ease your mind. I'll be praying!
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I am in the bath as I text😊 thank you and thank you for the prayers
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I completely understand this. Crazy how quick you get sucked down the rabbit hole. I hope it’s absolutely nothing and your all good. How far out are you from treatment. Sorry I can’t remember. Big hugs!!!!!
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2 years 10 months
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I’m 4.5yrs out now. I had this happen to me twice. One time they biopsied the bump. Both were nothing. The doctor said the tissue is just damaged and trying to heal. I hope this is your case. When I called the nurse I freaked out on the phone crying so bad that they would have me come in the next day. Lol. Sounds like your handling it much better than I did. My rectal surgeon told me that after you hit two yrs the chances of it coming back is close to zero. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. 💙
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I freaked out for sure at home. Oh Nicole it just breaks my heart to think about the fear it brings on. Thank you for telling me of your story. Other than the scope I am not sure if they will do anything else that day. I am glad I am going it would eat at me if I didn’t. Hugs to you. Praying we beat this awful beast! Hugs!
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Hope that all will be well. I had skin lesion that developed after 1 year after treatment near rectal area. My dermatologist removed it out if caution. Turned out to he negative. I am still bleeding 3 years out. My prayers are with u, probably fissure or hemorrhoid. Hugs
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Thank you. I hope so also. The irritation of it makes me so aware of it the majority of the time. Hard to not think about it. The Occ blood is usually not real bright red and that reminds me of when I was first diagnosed.
I had this too, several months after end of treatment. I was taken to the OR when both my MED ONC and Surgeon agreed the area was suspicious. Fortunately, the lump was scar tissue. Hope the same for you. Prayers/positive vibes...
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Thank you Carol! So glad it was scar tissue for you. Praying I have similar news. I am getting close to my 3 year mark. I wonder if scar tissue itches. I guess it is possible.
My Anoscope was good!! No Mass! Skin tag and hemorrhoid. Narrowing from radiation and ? Small fissure . Praise God no mass!!! Thank you all for checking on me! Hugs!!!!
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