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How long do you need to wait before coloring hair after treatment?

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Are you talking about bleach, bleach type highlighting, color over perm or bleached hair, or multiple products?
It gets pretty complicated, if there is high lightning or multiple products on the old hair, being that it is brittle and maybe still falling out. If you do, maybe just do a simpler exposure.
There are so many products, and so many hair types.
I didn't. My hair started coming back for real, about 9 months after. But up til the 6 months after treatment it was still falling out. Once it started coming in, I used a products called "Living proof. Perfect hair Day* 5 in 1 styling treatment"
It thickens the hair, but doesn't make it starchy or hard to comb through. I swear by it now. I do mix it with "Loma Maximum Volumizing Solution" now that my hair has come back.
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I waited a full year before highlights. I had a friend who colored hers right away and became allergic to all hair products after that. So tread lightly on this. It's nasty old "chemo hair" anyway, so let it grow out fully and get back to health before using chemical processes. You will be glad you waited. I know it is tempting, but I wouldn't chance it.
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I colored and highlighted mine as soon as it was long enough to do it. I went to one of those salons that use all natural products the first two times and then went back to my normal lady after that. I was really nervous about doing it but I had no issues.
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I waited about 9 months. I lost some hair, so waited until it filled back in.
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About 3 months after treatment my hair started really coming back in, but I hated the color / texture and I saw more grays popping in than ever before (no surprise the treatment aged me!) hairdresser was a friend and she had helped others with cancer before so she did some research, we used a "natural" product, not sure what that meant exactly but we did one color, a neutral warm brown on my pixie cut and honestly it made me feel so much better, like my old self! I didn't have any problems with it and we did the same thing for the first year. Now I have highlights and lately I've been getting compliments on my hair by strangers in my new literally brings a massive smile to my face because I want to tell them that 2 1/2 years ago I was nearly bald. It's amazing how far we can come on this journey. Good luck xo
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That’s how I feel. Today I went to see my 76-year-old father at the nursing home and he could see the gray. I am so thankful that I did not lose all of my hair and that it’s just thinner. But it does not look as healthy and then there are the grays..
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I totally get it! Have you tried any of those dry shampoos that gave a tint of color that you can spray on your roots? It helps a bit so maybe give it a try! Don’t put on a white shirt after you spray it though....big mistake on my part 🤦🏻‍♀️!
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I tried some today it did help some. Thank you for the suggestion I even had some that is like a brown powder. I am gonna get a gentle color in a few weeks but no highlights. Supposedly it helps with making it shiny and smooth. Fingers crossed. I just want to not see grays😊
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I am about 2 1/2 months post treatment! I am hoping it will make me feel better. It is already thinner Just going to have to be patient with that. But hopefully I can do something about the grays.
Yes I think it will help make it shinier too! Good luck 🍀🤗
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I think I got my hair colored about 4-5 months post treatment and it was fine :)
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Shannon, I lost all of my hair during treatment. It took a full eight months to grow back to about 2 inches before I could stop wearing the wig and get my hair colored again. Mine came in all weird patterns of grey and black...but I hadn’t seen my real hair color for about 40 years! Anyway, it grew back a little weird, a little curlier, and thinner. But after a year and a half it kind of renewed itself to what it was before (fine, but not too thin). I had it colored at the 8 month mark when it was about 2 inches. Good luck!
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I only just got highlights again after 3 years! I thought I'd see how the natural look was, but it took me this long to decide that I looked old... But I kept my hair, although had an infestation of head lice during treatment! Absolutely horrible! Anyway, use something gentle until your hair gets thicker again is what I would do.
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Hair appointment went well! It looks much healthier!
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