Damn Dilators

Hopefully this will improve. There I was having to choose small, medium or large. It is hard to be consistent in using them when it is so uncomfortable. 

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Start with small & lots & lots of lubrication - gently,gently. Only move onto next size when very comfortable with the one you are using.
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Hi Shannon, you may try the Milli dilator. It expands or becomes smaller to the size you need. Plus it has a vibration function. You may find them on millimedical. com. I use mine for almost one year and like it a lot.
Oh la la............:D
sounds advanced to me :D
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The Milli helped me as well. But that device PLUS the manual work by a physical therapist that knows how to treat vaginal stenosis, has been the best combo. With those two methods, things are WAY more comfortable in there now!
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I live in a smaller town. Not sure how close by a physical therapist for that would be. But definitely worth looking into!
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I agree without Olga. Have heard great things about the Milli dilator! The vibration feature is a huge plus as that will help massage the tissues. Wish it was available when I was in need. Consistency is key. Hot epsom salt bath beforehand can help as well.
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Well, now; I like this endorsement.
Trust Daisy! We love you Daisy🌼
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Will this also help strengthen bladder control? I really need to work on that. Cannot seem to be disciplined doing kegals.
A pelvic PT can really help with this. It’s a big part of their job! And perhaps a dilator can be of use with proper instruction from a PT.
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Hi Mary,
an additional kegel is to stop peeing at intervals while peeing. It tells you, right away, how much of a kegel your doing:D
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So glad you posted this! Millimedical here I come!
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Thanks for asking the question. I just ordered my Milli. It’s got to be better than those hard plastic things I’ve been struggling with for two years!
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Every time I try to use one, I damage my urethra. Just got a smaller one. I get your frustration and pain.
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I am really considering getting that Milli if it was a little more reasonable as far as price I would have got it already. I think I will try to turn it in on my flex plan. It is just hard, I feel like I can’t make a lot of progress.
This DOES NOT sound exciting..
Are you all using your dialators analy or vaginally? My PT told me it is very important to use them analy to help control of how many times I have to use the restroom daily as well as eating 35 grams of fiber. I just received the dialators from my doctor, but haven't started using them yet. I actually got a set for anal and a set for vaginal.
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My Dr’s didn’t mention anal at all
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