First PET scan jitters

I try to not let my mind go there but it is hard. I had good news at my digital exam and the anoscope.  I know you all can relate. I go October the 1st

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Annabelle threw a punch at your cancer.
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Hugs to you...#scanxiety is real 😕
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it definitely brings up all those feelings. I find keeping busy; especially with crafts I love to do, helps. It is another part of the new normal to deal with.

We are here for you!

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Easterly is so right...I used to dive into my crafts before a scan, and doing something you love really helps to take your mind off of it. I’ve had more scans than I can count, and after the first one it was really no big deal. Sending positive thoughts and energy your way!
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It is normal to have scan anxiety Shannon so welcome to the club. I was a total wreck the whole time awaiting results of all the tests but how sweet it is to hear the there is NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE (NED)! Will pray for good results.
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My antidote for scanxiety: read Outlander if you haven't yet. Oh, the sex scenes!!! (insert fanning self here) :) The time will fly by! Meanwhile, I'll be praying for a great outcome! PS, you got instructions on how to prepare, right? If not, let me know! There is a process that ensures the best pictures.
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No instructions have been given. What do you recommend
Here is one link:

I was given strict instructions such as these. you want to avoid anything that "stirs up" glucose, like exercise or massage for 24 hours, they told me I couldn't even vacuum. Low carb diet for the same reason. I had scrambled eggs with cheese and no toast for breakfast, and hot water. Breakfast had to be 6 hours before my test I think. PLEASE call them and ask about this. Some places don't bother, but it is very important that you get the best pictures. Oh, and caffeine is restricted as well the day of. They also tell you water only up to a point.
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Thank you so much!!
Hang in there! Am sure you will get more good news!
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I’m two years out and I still get upset about it. It is real and completely understandable! Give yourself a big hug and try to think all lovely thoughts. 💙🥰🤗 Keep us informed!
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We can all relate to your anxiety, or as we call it "scanxiety." Fingers and toes all crossed for you to get good news!
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I felt like All Clear when anascope completed and Surgeon said Tumor Gone. PET was secondary to me.
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