Blood in stools

Do you all still experience occasional blood in stools?

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Yes, I do. It’s usually after I let myself get dehydrated and constipated which I try to avoid by eating lots of plants and drinking lots of water and homemade juices.
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I bet that is what’s going on. I have not been drinking as much water lately. And I have not been eating well
I do on occasion... usually if I have multiple BM s or a lot of urgency. Those blood vessels are so numerous and close to the surface plus the fact that they have radiation damage I think it's pretty inevitable. I do note that it's typically a small amount of blood and rather light in color vs the larger amounts of dark red blood I had prior to my diagnosis and treatment. If in doubt call your doc!
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Yes, I’m the same as Sara...occasionally and when I do I can sometimes connect it to my diet or frequency. I honestly wouldn’t worry too much about it, particularly since it’s likely due to the radiation damage. 🤗
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Very true. Before my diagnosis of what was dark red. And more of it. This is more of a bright red and a small amount
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I had it almost for two years until my rectal surgery this August. My doctor said it happens because of post radiation changes. I wasn't worried too much since all my routine every three months anoscopies were negative.
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Yes, even after 4 years out. It can be caused by constipation , IBS and frequency of movements.
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I have IBS, and when I have too many runs to the bathroom in a day it sometimes bleeds. Mostly though I think it’s my hemorrhoid that does the bleeding. This is five years post treatment, and multiple NED scans, and docs were never concerned. Good advice from Sara though...if in doubt call your doc.
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oh yes. it freaked me out, especially after the first year of treatment. and occasionally, it still happens. i think diet and exercise help, and don't strain when you poop :) to get confirmation, and a sense of relief, contact your doctor. otherwise, i hope you are healing well! :)
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I so appreciate all of you!
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Yep, it happens. Lots of water keeps the stool softer so it doesn't "scratch" on the way out, which causes the bleeding. Any constipation is a real no-no with us! On the plus side, hydration is good and prevents wrinkles, not that you need to worry, lol!
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Yes. Nine years out..Mostly have bowels under control but there are always surprises!
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Yes, I am 11 years out of treatment and when I get constipated or pass large or hard stool, I will notice some bleeding sometimes.
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Yes I do especially if I miss 1 day of green smoothie and eat a little more carbs than usual. But none next day once I'm back on track. I am almost 1 year post treatment.
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What is your green smoothie recipe
I use Nutribullet so usually a handful 1/2 spinach (a big handful) and 1/2 of 3 or 4 different kinds of fruits. one day will be apple, pear, mango, and pineapple. Next day will be apple, grapes, blueberries, strawberries, and cherries. Base is water and once a week will use coconut water in place of water to assure Im not constipated.
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And agree with all the smart ones who posted before me.
Agree with others who are various number of years post radiation. I am about 1 year 3 months post and up until I started my manuka honey protocol earlier this year, I was still having a small amount of bleeding with every stool (soft or hard) as well as a painful anal fissure that would not heal, and awful irritated raw-feeling skin tags around my anus. I was uncomfortable almost all the time! However, when I started using manuka honey, slowly but surely all of that healed up and only rarely do I have a bit of irritation and blood spot (on toilet tissue) these days. I am continuing to use the honey frequently (though not every day). Refer to my last two posts where I explain how to use the honey, if interested.
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