Have any of you used special suppositories just for the conditioning/moisturizing/healing benefit? It just makes sense to me. They have us use Aquaphor and other creams on the external skin that has been damaged from the radiation. Why wouldn't we use some thing internal to help that skin. Like coconut oil or natural Shea butter. 

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Easterly sent you a hug.
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Good question. Seeing a gynecologist tomorrow. I’ll ask her.
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I am going to also ask my radiation oncologist at my next appointment. Have you seen a pelvic floor therapist Susan? Mine was very helpful
A pelvic floor therapist is my next step. Received recommendations from my gynecologist today. She suggested using coconut oil as a moisturizer/lubricant. She knows I tend to lean towards “natural” as much as possible. She said using a dilator with coconut oil is also ok. It will help to moisturize the vaginal walls. Other clients have done this and given positive feedback. Not sure if I’m going to do the dilators yet. The exam today was painful enough. Right now I’m just flat tired of pain!! It just occurred to me are you thinking suppositories for anus or vagina?
ya! why not? They don't make them?
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I have not. My doctor has never talked about that. That’s a great question!
I believe Donna from this site suggested MANUKA honey medical grade to heal internal fissures. It worked for her and all natural.
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Thank you. I will check this out
Yes! The manuka has been a godsend to use vaginally (internal) as well as around the anal area (and internal too). For me, discomfort and irritation reduced and then healed up with consistent use. Then after healing, I use only occasionally. See my blog post for details.
Hello Donna , how do i find manuka medical grade honey?
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I ordered from Amazon. Here is a paragraph from my blog post (see my full post) that explains what I consider "medicinal."

"Buy some high-powered therapeutic Manuka honey. Donna considers this “medicinal honey” not for eating, though it is edible. It has a medicinal smell and flavor. Specifically, buy Manuka honey with a rating of UMF 20+ and MGO of 400-550 or more. Honey with these specific high ratings has “Very high antibacterial property and superior healing properties” (quote from web article). The honey Donna used was rated UMF 20+ and MGO 830+. (There is also a “K Factor” rating, but this was not part of her Manuka honey selection criteria.) A quick web search can give you more details about the New Zealand companies that produce this honey and how the various brands of Manuka honey are rated. The higher the rating, the higher the price. She ordered her product from Amazon and a 250 gram (8.82 oz.) jar cost $64.00 at the time."

Healing wishes for you Eva!
Yes, my radiologist prescribed Anucourt HC-25mg. I do think it helped some but if you are having frequent BM's not so much lol.
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I really don't know, but maybe the suppositories used for hemorroids?
I asked my oncologist about it on my last visit, and she said my symptoms did not appear severe enough to use them yet. She made it sound like save the big guns for when you need them.

It reminded me towards the end of treatment when the doctor would look at my burns and say how great the skin looked while I felt like my butt was on fire all the time...LOL.
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I was prescribed some by my doctor that had a little pain medication in it also. They had to be specially made. I can take a picture of the container when I get home
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Diazepam 10 MG suppository. The external area around my anus was very red, sore, friable, and raw from the radiation. She prescribed this to keep the area moisturized and also added a little pain med to it.
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There is an anal cortisone foam that helped me right after radiation- Anucort? I recently healed fissures with time ( weeks), sitz baths and homemade external cream. My doctor gave me a compounded cream with cortisone also which was a little helpful. There is a British external hemorrhoid cream called H Care which I used to get from Amazon but now had to find on eBay. I like that too. My guess- any mild cream should help.
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Thank you! So true, sometimes a sitzbath is the only thing that can relax
If you can tolerate the pain of inserting a suppository after anal cancer treatment, go for it! 🙏💙💜💚❤
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