I feel like there should be something that helps with proctitis😩

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I totally agree! other than all the salves and emollients to try, there is hyperbaric chamber treatment, if you want to bug your doctor for a referral, it might be covered by insurance. Also, I think Tyndall might have a suggestion of her favorite "Bemer" device. I still don't know quite what it is, or how it works, but you could ask her (she should get a commission)
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I will have to ask her about that.
What’s this “Beamer device”? How have I missed this... how does hyperbaric chamber help? Tyndall are you out there...?
I haven't looked into it seriously, cause it's above my budget right now, but I think it maybe like a "tens"
The Hyperbaric is what Michael Jackson did after his burn, and what divers do for "The benz"
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Hi Susan, sorry to have just seen this, but I did have hyperbaric chamber treatment for my proctitis, and also do have a Bemer as well. They worked well together! Although, I must say the hyperbaric was way less fun, and very expensive, even with insurance. I did 8 weeks M-F, and it was about 2 hours each time. I do think it had a beneficial effect on my bone marrow, but the proctitis was improving just from the Bemer and I rarely have too much pain or bleeding any more. Well, unless I somehow manage to have a firm stool, which I avoid like the plague! The hyperbaric treatment forces oxygen into the plasma which delivers it quickly to the cells, aiding healing. It did temporarily change the shape of my eyeball, (expected), which made me nearsighted for several weeks. That was a pain. Here is the latest video on Bemer if you are interested:
Bemer works using a patented signal which creates vasomotion, that is, it is kind of like artery "peristalsis", and pushes blood further into tissues. They are actually on sale until Nov. 1, because Covid impacted everything related to production. I love mine!
Hi Shannon, see my reply to Susan, below. Sorry you have proctitis, that is really a PIA, literally!
Just to clarify Shannon, do you mean pain in the cancer site, or skin around the anus, or inside the canal? I think treatments, both at home and in clinic, depend on the symptoms and location of the problem. For localized pain or itching the the anal area, if doctors have not advised otherwise, I recommend RectiCare over the counter lidocaine (5%) cream. It numbs the area for quite a while. By the way, with my constant recommendations of this product, you would think I have stock in the company or something, but it has just proved to be a bit of a miracle drug for me.
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I looked for that on amazon. Theres different kinds. I wish I could attach a picture to this so you could tell me which one it is.
In the canal.
I use the one described as follows: RectiCare Anorectal Lidocaine 5% Cream: Topical Anesthetic Cream for Treatment of Hemorrhoids & Other Anorectal Disorders - 30g Tube—$26.89.
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Ordering this! Do you use it as needed or daily as a preventive?
Hi, Susan—I only use it as needed. After six years I only sometimes get diarrhea to the extent that it causes much irritation. Usually happens when I’m anxious about an upcoming event or medical appointment. I don’t need it for preventative care. It’s just really nice to have around when the need arises!
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Hi Shannon. So sorry you have to go through all of this. Unfortunately going through this we have to have the patience of Jobe. But prayer and rest and trying to eat healthy and getting a little exercise are habits that have become lifetime habits after getting this cancer and treatment. Mine was in 2013. I still have some pains mainly in my stomach area, but have found that essential oils take it away for me. I don’t know about using them in the anal area though. Might be worth checking out. What you said about family and friends is so true. (Most important part of my life) my daughter has turned into a nurse and I watch my twin granddaughters. Every day is precious. Hang in there. Life does get better.
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I am a little over a year post treatment. If I get a little constipated I will have a little blood and pain with bowel movements. Continued prayers for all of us. Thank you for listening💕
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My dermatologist gave me a prescription cream (Desonide) to use when the "baby butt" over-the-counter creams did not work well. Worth considering as a backup.
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Shannon, sounds familiar, had rectal pain just until recently and I'm 1 yrs 7 mos from last treatment.
I couldn't believe the frequency of pain with bowel movement, even soft. Oh, you might want to take Miralax every night for constipation, did help me.
I also got scripts from MD for Lidocaine Jelly 2% and Hydrocortisone 2.5% (I think).
Anyhow,.they did help, but it seemed like Time helped the most.
It's such a lousy recuperation we just have to be glad that those before us have given us hope for even more relief.
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I never know how often to take myralax.
Perhaps mixing it in Gatorade and keeping it in the frig. Take a couple ounces every day. Increase by one ounce each day until you feel things are moving to your liking. It seems finding balance with our bowel movements has a learning curve post treatment. Sigh .. it’s always something post AC treatment!
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I try to manage it with diet and drinking plenty of water. All it takes is to have one BM that is a bit more firm and I pay the e price for a few days. Pain and a little blood. I take probiotic everyday. I just wish there was some way to help heal the internal tissue that has been damaged
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Good to hear. I didn’t know if painful BM’s was going to always be the case. Curious to hear from others.
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