HPV Alliance.org

Have any of you checked this out? I just recently found it.https://hpvalliance.org/

I read Lillian's story early in my post treatment time and came across it again. And found this site that I had not seen before.

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Thank you! lot's of good info to go through on this site. I'm looking for what they do with donations. I'll get back to you when I find it.
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Thank you for sharing that – it’s wonderful that people are taking steps to make a difference with this cancer. My sincere wish is that they will quit referring to HPV as a sexually transmitted virus – if it can be spread by mere skin to skin contact, I think they should just call it an easily transmissible virus. That might reduce a lot of the stigma around getting vaccinated and pursuing treatment.
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Very good point. It is crazy the same virus is linked to cervical cancer but the reaction to the 2 cancers are different
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Good idea; do they really know that there isn't toilet contamination, even medical equipment contact.
The other day I went to the dermatologist, and was told to strip, given a gown (with instructions to leave the back open) and a sanitary paper for the foot step. But, with the back open, sitting on the seat; even with panties on, I am not the person they should trust with the butt to seat contact.🤣 (of course I put my sweater down, for me to sit on. What is actually cleaned in the doctor office? ~Eww!😱
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thanks for reminding me about this excellent site; I had forgotten about it and spent alot of time all over the internet,. in addition to the HPV Foundation, Helen's list,etc.

Interesting discussion about oral chemo vs. port. Before my treatment plan was finalized I read about the Sloan Kettering study stating that MSKK has using Xeloda(capacetabine) for a,c because of lower toxicity and same outcome
as 5FU via port. I am phobic about needles and the idea of the fanny pack or a week,etc was freaking me out. I pressed my medical onc to let me have Xeloda; he was really reluctant, but finally agreed to let me have the pills. I think I had the bladder and bowel side effects that every one had, but I did NOt have mouth sores and the side effects that required hospitalization.
I think Mitomycin C is the culprit for misery'

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