3 year itch

I love being able to talk about things on here where there is no shame. I am not quite 3 years post treatment. Had a little blood in stool that has gotten better. Radiation doctor had me start Trental and vit E.  Blood has mostly resolved. Now Anal itching is my latest freak out😩

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What is the doctor saying about the itching? Is it your anus or the skin around it. My skin around the area has itching here and there. And it will turn red.
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I get that every so often (I'm 4 years post-treatment). Sometimes there will be blood in my stool bc it can get so irritated. Warm baths, Aquafor, tap "wipe". We feel you, Shannon! Take good care. :)
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Thank you Maggie! Blog hugs!!! I sure love you guys! Enough to make a person crazy.
I am going to call them Monday. A little of both. Mostly the very outer edge. I have some suppositories With hydrocortisone. I have been taking more showers than baths lately. Hope that is all. I hate how it makes me worry
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Doctor said to use the hydrocortisone suppositories
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OH yes, had that too! Desonide helped...see a good dermatologist if your oncologist can't help...and consider proactive efforts to ward off urinary tract infections, the dreaded UTIs, if there is any chance the itching is partly the result of an inadequate "wipe" HUGS
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I have bleeding still but not itching. Hope this resolves for u.
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I never had the itching before; it set in a couple years after treatment.
Lady parts are almost worse. My dermatologist said to use a tiny bit of zinc oxide, but I'm not sure, that could be uses around the anal area. It says zinc oxide "Common brand names: Caldesene, Desitin, Elta Seal" I haven't tried these yet.
I think I'll try Helens suggestion.
Zinc Oxide, if you can find any at a pharmacy, is one of the last old school miracle drugs that actually work. Used on the babies for sore rear ends / diaper rash, and it works quite well. Hope you find this and other 'fixes'.
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Thank you!! Zinc is the active ingredient in the Boudreaux butt cream. I got some of that also
Oh yes, 3 years out here too, and little blood occasionally and itching occasionally are part of my new life. I just chalk these symptoms, just like occasional incontinence of Poop (hate this one the most), part of my new life. Had Cervical CA first, recovered and life returned as it was. Anal CA has left me with forever side effects I'm afraid, just have to go with it. Don't like it, but.........
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I definitely don’t like the side effects. What bothers me the most is it makes me worry it is back
Don't worry, that doesn't help anything. Like I said above, go the simple route: Zinc Oxide works on the grandbabies, works on adults too. MGBY,
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Shannon, that’s exactly what happened to me at about the 3-year mark! The itching and redness were driving me crazy. My dermatologist said it was “chronic radiation dermatitis,” and it often comes about some years after treatment. He recommended Beaudreau’s Butt Past (essentially a treatment for diaper rash) and it did the trick for me. I also started using unscented baby wipes along with Aloe Vesta perineal cleaner after every bowel movement, to ensure nothing irritating remains on the anal area. I still use it. Good luck!
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I have used the unscented wipes and Aloe Vesta perineal cleaner after but I admit I hadn’t used them like I was. I am sure I read that recommendation on here. Thank you I am going to try that cream also!!
I have used the unscented wipes and Aloe Vesta perineal cleaner after but I admit I hadn’t used them like I was. I am sure I read that recommendation on here. Thank you I am going to try that cream also!!
I need to keep using it. As I felt better I have been less consistent with using it. Got the Butt Paste:)
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