Excited🤗 has anyone used these?

I use Carlson's Vit E & coconut oil suppositories when I feel irritated, & they work magic overnight.  Very soothing, & can be used vaginally or rectally. 

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What a find, will have to try...thanks for sharing
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Have not, look forward to comments from those who have!
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And it can be used rectal or vaginal
Brilliant! I've used coconut oil, but this IS the answer!!
Thank you Shannon!
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I really am excited to try it. I hope it can help us.
I tried to use the Aquaphor, but it just was more irritating (to this day) after the 2nd week of treatment to the lady parts. Also, you can't use Aquaphor, or to my knowledge any Rx, except hormone cream internally, that's where the coconut oil is perfect. I'm sure I will stay on top of irritations regularly, rather than delaying. I imagine, this will become a great tool. I can hardly wait to tell my docs to pass the word; they don't seem to have any new suggestions (and don't care)
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I haven’t used them. Thank you for sharing!
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These arrived today. Going to give them a try tonight!
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