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2020 (9)

October (2)

Anxiety : Any stage 3 survivors out there please give a shout out. My anxiety is really increased. My friend w...
Smells: I was talking to another AC survivor. We were discussing how before we had treatment of distinct s...

July (1)

Proctitis: I feel like there should be something that helps with proctitis😩 ...

May (4)

Suppositories : Have any of you used special suppositories just for the conditioning/moisturizing/healing benefit?...
B 12 Update: Results came back that the B 12 was low and my Vit D was borderline line.  It surprised me on the V...
low B-12: Curious if any of you have had low B-12 as a result of the pelvic radiation.  I was reading about f...
Bidet?: Does anyone bidet? If so what kind? ...

April (2)

Yes I did: So today I sent a nice message on messenger to the physician who told me it was hemorrhoids. I told ...
Drink or not to drink: Tell me fellow survivors. Do you totally avoid alcohol? Just curious. I don't drink a lot but from w...

2019 (6)

December (1)

Update: ...

September (3)

Blood in stools: Do you all still experience occasional blood in stools? ...
First PET scan jitters: I try to not let my mind go there but it is hard. I had good news at my digital exam and the anoscop...
Damn Dilators: Hopefully this will improve. There I was having to choose small, medium or large. It is hard to be c...

August (2)

Hair color: How long do you need to wait before coloring hair after treatment? ...
Anoscope: Just had my first Anoscope today 8 weeks post treatment. No tumor! Praise God! So thankful! PET scan...

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July 7, 2019

Missouri 65542

December 4, 1972

Cancer Info

Anal Cancer

Squamous cell carcinoma

March 31, 2019

Stage 3A

over 6.1


How it scares me

How important life and family are

Keep me positive. Keep me going.


Soft blanket, cards

Siteman St Louis MO

Drink lots of water and Gatorade

Rest, pray and exercise

June 17, 2019


Changes in bowels, narrowing of stools and maroon blood in stool.


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